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Hi here you can see some photo's of my birthday,

my birthday-cake:

yes I know, it's not a good-looking Mickey :-(

me (Crista) cutting the cake:
my presents:
I received a lot of money (also the new coins: Euros!)
and we bought this lovely figurine of Beauty and the Beast
This is a small statue of the CliniClowns, 
a part of the money is going to the Foundation CliniClowns 
to make sick children smile for a while!
my favorite writer!
A Minnie Mouse towel and a Mickey Mouse T-shirt!
my furry roommates:
Ricky love his roomy Crista!Chess is resting a bit!
Nala is giving me a big present!?
Nala and Frans
and I like to say to you all:

thanks Gadies for making this webset, specially for me!