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Here you can see some photo's of our Christmas 2001

First of all, our cats:

Nala near our christmas-tree and Chess next to a Christmas-ball

Our niece Marije watching some dancing Santa's

Painting some Christmas-balls

first Christmas-day:

celebrating Christmas with Karin and Lex (Crista's brother)
Crista and nephew Ruben

Cheers Marije!

Crista's mum, Frans, Ruben, Lex, dad, Karin and Marije

Second Christmas-day we went to Joop and Tini, the sister of Frans

niece Lia and nephew Bart

Christmas-dinner with Bart, Lia, Frans, Tini, Joop jr. Joop sr.

In the evening: SNOW!!!!

This is Ushi, rat of the Family van der Linden

home again, Frans reading a car-magazine

Crista in the snow

We hope you all had a fine christmas too, and we like to wish you:

6 januari 2002